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Managing Lean Manufacturing by David Csokasy, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Managing Lean Manufacturing

Is there a difference between managing in a traditional manufacturing environment as opposed to managing in a lean manufacturing organization?

Download the 4-18-07 webinar presentation by David Csokasy and Paul Parent "Managing Lean Manufacturing Presentation" (PDF 575 KB).
Listen to the audio (MP3) recording of the 4-18-07 webinar (65 MB).

Comment on the webinar or the presentation in the SME Forum.

New Tech Paper on Managing Lean Manufacturing

Member practitioners from two SME Tech Groups collaborated to address a challenging subject. Download the "Managing Lean Manufacturing" Tech Paper

Getting Started

The first tasks of this technical group are to recruit interested members, determine content boundaries, collect data, and create a strategic plan. Get involved by contacting one of the Tech Group Advisors (listed on the right) by clicking on their name and sending them an email.


Learning opportunities would be created beginning with the basics of leadership and management for practitioners but would carry through to executive levels.

Current Collaboration

Members are working with a Manufacturing Engineering Roundtable in Indiana. They are assessing the need for manufacturing management courses designed for new engineering graduates and experienced engineers considering engineering management as a next career step. This work relates to the Leadership Development Model described in the additional resources section below.

Developing Collaboration and Call for Papers!

As with many professionals, Tech Group Member Joe LaRussa from Visteon Corporation is an active SME member and is also active in related organizations. Joe wishes to share some of the insight of this group with attendees at the 2008 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Congress. It is potentially a great collaborating and networking opportunity. Joe has offered to organize a potential session on aspects of leadership and management in technical organizations. Joe needs a short response before June 1st. Please see the details in the attached Call for Papers (PDF 11 KB).

Additional Resources

The Team recently developed a Leadership Development Model to as a basis for collaborating further. The objective of the model is that SME Members will have the critical leadership skills needed to be successful in any size manufacturing enterprise, at all stages of their careers, and at all levels within the organization, from individual contributor to CEO. Download the proposed Leadership Development Model (PDF 24 KB) For more information, view the Manufacturing Management Institute Presentation
(MS PowerPoint 83.5 KB)


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