Sunday, May 4, 2008

Knowldege Management: The Power of Knowledge Society: CIJ 08

I attended the Freedom of Press event, Launching of a book by Nathaniel Tan and Lina Joy, and annual gathering by Centre of Independent Journalism at Central Market today. The event

I witness the mobility of knowledge being shared and transferred intensively. The knowledge of the local government and contemporary events is now accessible by many people through many channels like blog, alternate newspaper. Malaysians are experiencing the era of change.

In knowledge management. we create, transmit and share information for the betterment of community. The fluidity of the knowledge determine the power and impact of the information. Now we have more local governments who supported the changes, we can foresee the future of Malaysians will be different.

Apart from Forum, the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is also housing many other cultural activities. I really fascinating of the vibrant of people dynamics and social interaction there. At the time of my visit, there are poem reading, free dancing workshop, handicraft stalls, audition of a drama, the gathering of Malaysian bands, book launching and etc. Mind you, this is Malaysia!

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