Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is Americans risk itself again

If Hillary Clinton loses the election, the world will be in huge risk in the next five years. It is sad day for me to see people to dispute the campaign of Clinton after the superdelegates of democrates support more Obama than Clinton this week.

Why is the media is so kind to Obama? It is a real puzzle to me.

When Bush took over the helm of top post in US, the world economy is on the way down till today.

I fail to comprehend the logic of the Americans nowadays.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, we will be in big trouble if Oboma gets in. I think of him as a BIG POMPUS ASS. Sorry, The first time I saw him I had this feeling there is something not right about him and my senses are never wrong. I PRAY THAT HILLARY BECOMES PRESIDENT. Why are people so afraid of a change, what is wrong with a female doing new things?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally, what is wrong with people, are they afraid of a women in charge. Give her a chance. The first time I saw Oboma, I did not care for him, there seems to be something wrong with him. He acts like a pompus ass. He is to sneeky, always makes up excuses for things he has done or says. MY SELF AND MY DAUGHTERS WHO ARE 10 WANT HILLARY TO WIN WIN WIN. Hillary seems to be ahead by votes so leave the superdelegates out of it.


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