Thursday, May 1, 2008

Managerial Psychology from MIT Open Courseware

15.301 / 15.310 Managerial Psychology

Course Description

This course introduces you to behavioral science theories, methods, and tools and provides opportunities to use and apply them to problems you will encounter in your work and career. The course material will begin with an overview of work and organizations in modern industrial society, and then examine individual behavior, move to behavior in groups or teams, and finally discuss organizations as a whole. It is expected that at the end of the course you will: (a) know something about managerial psychology, (b) know how to learn more, (c) understand the behavioral research process, and (d) develop skills in presenting your ideas in oral and written reports.

Lecture Notes

All guest lecturers are courtesy of the person named. Used with permission.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 The three lenses (PDF)
3 Research project methods and examples (PDF)
4 Perceptions and attitudes (PDF)
5 Motivation
6 Motivation case
7 Cognitive style (MBTI) (PDF)

Decision making (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Yishai Boasson

9 Negotiation (PDF)
10 Creativity (PDF)
11 Social influence (PDF)
12 Groups (PDF)
13 Group decision making (PDF)

Organizational analysis (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Damien Bador

15 Networks (PDF)
16 Organizational culture (PDF)

Leadership and power (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Maria Quijada

18 Organizational learning (PDF)

Presentation skills (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Karen Boiko

20 50K team visit
21 Organizational change (PDF)
22 The strategy that wouldn't travel
23 The strategy that wouldn't travel (cont.)
24 In-class quiz
25 Finalist presentations
26 Wrap-up


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