Sunday, June 7, 2009

A PraPractical Guide for Developing Leaders - June Delano

A Practical Guide for Developing Leaders

Here's a practical guide for developing leaders, adapted from June Delano, a colleague and mentor, now with Monitor Executive Development.

While the guide does not include everything a leader needs to learn, it does offer ideas for developing people before and during new leadership assignments. And of course, every company is different, so you'd need to adapt the list to fit your company's organizational structure.

Before selection as a supervisor, people should have development and some experience in:
· Team and project leadership
· Basic budgeting and accounting
· Communicating to individuals and small groups
· Training, peer coaching

As first-level supervisors, people should have development in basic supervisory skills:
· Coaching and giving feedback
· Managing performance
· Leading groups
· Developing people

Before selection as a manager, people should have development and some experience in:
· Leading multi-functional or cross-organizational teams
· Handling diverse and multiple tasks
· Influence and relationship-building (personal style and impact)
· Understanding the business system

As managers, people should have development in:
· Basic finance, marketing and commercialization
· Doing business globally and cross-culturally
· Communicating to large groups
· Recruiting and retaining talent
· Leading change and culture
· Developing and implementing strategy

Before selection as an executive, people should have development and some experience in:
· General management (including P&L management)
· Managing multiple functions and geographies
· Understanding your company’s business environment and industry trends
· Building external networks
· Working with senior executives
· Organizational leadership (personal style and impact)
· Line and staff assignments

As an executive, people should have development in:
· Handling media and government relations
· Managing organizations at different stages of maturity
· Recruiting and nurturing high-potential talent
· Developing and implementing growth strategies
· Working with alliances, mergers, JV’s and acquisitions
· Serving on external boards, projects and/or ventures

As an officer, people should have development in:
· Global trends affecting the business
· National and global politics
· Managing a global workforce
· Handling investor relations
· Working with the Board
· Board of Director assignments
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Potrait Photograph Exhibition

HR Conference in Malaysia wiht International Speakers

HR Measurements & Matrices:
Driving Strategic HR, Ensuring Success
Be part of
"The Most Talked About HR Conference in Malaysia"
Sponsored By Official Magazine

Managing Director
EMA Partners Malaysia
Chief Learning Officer
Essar Group, India
University of Saarbrueken,
Director, Regional L & D
Citibank, Asia Pacific
Head Of Organisational
Standard Charted,Singapore
Director / GM
hSenid Software
Head of HR Asia Pacific
Siegwerk Asia Pacific

Managing Director
STG Group
MD & Principal Consultant
Usilinc Sdn Bhd
McKinney Rogers

Thursday 9 July 2009
Friday 10 July 2009
Registration & Welcome Coffee Registration & Welcome Coffee
Keynote Address - Chairman of the HR Conference 2009
Session 1
Job Evaluation: Justification For Employee Compensation
Speaker: Mr Raymond D’Cruz - Head of HR Asia Pacific,
Siegwerk Asia Pacific
Session 1
Valuing Your Human Capital: The Saarbruecken Formula
Speaker: Professor Dr. Christian Scholz -
University of Saarbruecken, Germany
Morning Networking Break
Morning Networking Break
Session 2
Surviving The Compensation & Benefits Dilemma
Speaker: TBA
Session 2
Employee Productivity: An Index For Jobs & Industries
Speaker: Mr Sampath Jayasundra - Director / GM,
hSenid Software
Session 3
The Cause And The Cost Of Employee Turnover
Speaker: Dr Sujaya Banerjee – Chief Learning Officer
Essar Group, India
Session 3
Measuring Recruitment
Speaker: Ms Weilee Cheong - Managing Director,
EMA Partners, Malaysia
Networking Lunch
Networking Lunch
Session 4
Quantifying The Value Of L & D For Every Dollar Spent
Speaker: Mr Roger Collantes – Director, Regional L & D
Citibank, Asia Pacific
Session 4
Determining Employee Performance Standards
Speaker: Mr MA Ismail – MD & Principal Consultant
Usilinc Sdn Bhd
Session 5
Putting It All Together – The HR Performance Matrix
Speaker: TBA
Session 5
A Qualitative Forecast Of Workforce Stability
Speaker: Mr Shivshanker Naidu - Head Of Organisational Learning
Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Q & A Panel Day 2
Afternoon Networking Break Cocktail Reception & Lucky Draw
Q & A Panel Day 1

Download the full HR Conference outline HERE

100% SBL Claimable
Normal Rate RM988.00
Group Discount (2 or More Pax) RM888.00
Early Bird (Before 31st May) RM788.00
i-HR Premium Members RM500.00
Download The PDF Registration Form HERE


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