Friday, July 30, 2010

Comments on Social Media Conference Malaysia 28th & 29th July Berjaya Hotel

I have picked up many things here. Most important, I can see the internet diverge to business, design and connectivity.

Mahathir and Tony Fenades's sharing were interesting and wow the audience.

Here are those things I learned:

a. 17 millions internet users, 45% is in the category of 15-45%

b. The youth is using social media to gather and voice out in one accord to act and influence the community

c. Companies are using social media to do product launching and employing famous blogger to write about their products (Kenny Sia and Jeff Ooi are two good examples)

d. To blog, you need to define your areas to define target audience. It got me thinking to started to blog to the training program I would like to specialized into

e. There are laws that protect the bloggers and government

f. Using social media to brand a community like Mindanao in Philippine

I give an A+ for the organizer, My Events International. The staff demonstrated high level of planning and organizing competencies. When I registered my name, they followed with me diligently. The events went smoothly. On top of that, the staff is extremely helpful, friendly and caring. These are the big plus points. I enjoyed the conference and found it useful to my journey of social media.

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