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The Law of Attraction - Beyond The Secret...The Moses Code

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Page 7 to 12 deal with high (US) and low (Japan, Malaysia) context culture....and ways of dealing with it.

Hofstede's Five Cultural Dimension

Culture defined
Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
1) Power Distance
2) Uncertainty Avoidanc
e3) Individualism
4) Masculinity
5) Long-term orientation


Facilitate Organization Structure Design - Six Questions

Six Questions to ask to facilitate organization design-

a. Standardize span of control- how many people report to a manager?
b. Control and Command - how many layer we allow from the lowest to the highest?
c. Formalization - how do you formalized the info gaps? how do you drive the policies and documentation?
d. Centralization- do you centralized the reporting structure?
e. Departmentalization- Can you combine related department? what kind of department you are organizing them - product, geography, process, matrix, network?
f. Work specialization- do you cover all the work scope in your design?

Organization Structure

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Sharing in Beijing

Career Development

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Using Business Sustainability Model to do a OD evaluation of your organization.



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