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Lead Story
Companies Simulate to Stimulate Learning
By Garry Kranz
Samsung is among a widening circle of organizations using business simulation technologies to help managers meet the challenges that lie ahead.

* E-Learning Hits Its Stride

* Sales Training Gets the Hard Sell

* Samsung Sells New Product: Ongoing Employee Development

* Talent Management Meets Learning

In the News

Merrill Lynch Joins Pink Slip Parade: 3,000 More Employees Cut
April 17, 2008 4:15 PM PT
The pace of Wall Street layoffs is picking up. Merrill Lynch & Co. said Thursday, April 17, that it would cut an additional 3,000 employees on top of the 1,100 it has already let go this year. >>

Michigan Leads The Nation In Tech Job Loss
April 9, 2008 11:55 AM PT
Michigan lost the most high-tech jobs of any state in the U.S. in 2006, one of just three states to lose tech jobs. Colorado and Delaware also lost tech jobs. >>

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* Workforce Training in the Budget Crosshairs

* Why You Must Build Management Capability

* Using Your Head, Heart and Guts: Becoming a Complete Leader

The Business of Management
Workforce Management editor John Hollon analyzes and comments on business, management and the art of leading a workforce.

* Workforce Washington

* Global Work Watch

* Books@Work

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* The HR Capitalist

* New Learning Playbook

Best Practices

White Paper: Best Practices in E-Learning
One of the biggest challenges in e-learning today is managing and deploying content that is both timely and relevant, especially when your workforce is multigenerational. Download our Best Practices in E-Learning white paper to find out how this organization implements E-Learning and how they can help you leverage your workforce for the future.

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Grading Executive Education
In 2005, American corporations spent about $20 billion on tuition assistance programs. But almost 40 percent of companies didn’t know the actual impact of their assistance programs in terms of recipients’ job retention, performance or promotion.
TOOL: Calculate the Cost and Benefits of Training
A four-step process for measuring the savings that training provides and comparing it to the costs.
Closing the Skills Gap
Companies like Caterpillar and San Antonio’s University Health System are examples of how organizations are using training and development programs to bridge the space between their employees’ skills and their organizations’ needs.
Formulas for Quantifying the Value of a Training-Technology Investment
Calculate cost savings and ROI, and perform a break-even or cost-benefit analysis.

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Recent Posts
Distance Education: How Do You Determine the Technology?
A member writes: "Do you have a method or reason for selecting a particular technology for distance learning, i.e. online, video conferencing, interactive satellite TV? I am researching DL technologies for a federal leadership training organization, and they want to have a method of determining the best or most appropriate technology for particular content areas, preferably based on research. There is a LOT of research comparing traditional classroom to distance, but not much comparing different DL technologies. What do you do in your organization?"

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Ethics & Code of Conduct Training:
Your Critical Role in Compliance
The critical need for ethics and conduct training is placing HR, legal and training professionals at the heart of an organization's compliance efforts. Learn the legal requirements, the violation risks and how to deliver a tangible ROI.
How to Move Your Training Program Online
Roger Courville explains the primary things to consider when making the transition from in-person training to online learning.


Dear Workforce

A question-and-answer newsletter addressing some of the most common and most obscure HR. Ask a question about whatever's important to you—whether it's HR, recruiting, benefits, compensation, or training
Dear Workforce: How Could Performance Tools Help Us Boost Motivation?
Instead of looking for easy fixes, examine the tone set by your leaders. Use this seeming lag in motivation to explore ways to include self-motivation as a competency when recruiting and hiring.
Dear Workforce: How Do We Use Knowledge Management to Build an Effective Workforce?
Don’t simply rely on technology. Instead, make sure your employees use technology tools to achieve specific objectives.

Leading the Way
Top Trends in Training and Leadership Development
Special Advertising Section: Whether your organization needs basic employee training or concentrated leadership development, these industry trends may contribute to your ultimate success.

Special Report
Special Report: Training and HR Technology--Retrain the Brain
As aging baby boomers look to keep on working, producers of ‘brain fitness’ software—aimed at improving memory and keeping the mind sharp—see an opportunity to pitch their products to employers.


E-Learning Hits Its Stride

TOOL: Calculate the Cost and Benefits of Training

New Emphasis on First Impressions

Leaner but Not Meaner

Task Force Training Develops New Leaders Solves Real Business Issues and Helps

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Regional Human Resources Consultant
Oasis Outsourcing - Denver, CO
Manager of Learning and Development
Chico's FAS - Ft. Myers, FL
HR Manager
Tuthill Coupling Group - Berea, OH
HR Manager
MEI, Inc. - West Chester, PA
HR Director
The City of College Station, Texas - College Station, TX
HR Generalist
RTC - Rolling Meadows, IL

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