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Management Intelligence by Robert Heller and Edward De Bono

Management Intelligence

... from Edward de Bono and Robert Heller, is only sent to those who asked to receive it at the Thinking Managers website. To stop receiving it, go here:

"Very often I am told that an organisation has 'more ideas than it can ever use'. I am always a little suspicious about that reply because it suggests that the ideas are not very good. You can never have too many ideas."

Ideas, Innovation & Creativity in Business:
A new report from Edward de Bono and Robert Heller.
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De Bono and Heller's Letter To Thinking Managers

Dear Colleague,

What is your organisation actually doing about creativity? Where do you get your ideas from? How good are they and what do you do with them?

The above quote from management guru Edward De Bono touches a vital nerve, because a strong flow of good ideas is a sign of a flourishing, growing organisation.

In a recent issue of Letter to Thinking Managers, Edward de Bono gives the ten ways an organisation creates and handles ideas. Click on the link below to read about our special trial offer.

You'll discover:

• The serious drawbacks embedded in the most common methods of creating and processing ideas

• Why so many organisations make the mistake of leaving the task to their research department -- why 'research' thinking is so different from 'innovation' thinking

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Why you need our kind of investigative analysis.
What it's worth - and why it's not free

Most managers are far too busy to do our kind of investigative analysis. And we are the best, by far, at doing it.

Our two editors are Robert Heller and Edward de Bono, two of the leading creative thinkers in management today. Both are highly critical of many management practices.

They give examples of bad practice so you'll avoid making the same mistakes as others. Then they offer guidelines for a way forward.

This is then compacted into a monthly briefing sent to our closed membership of top managers worldwide. The full annual subscription rate is USdollars$399 a year, but as a new subscriber you receive a substantial reduction on this price, if you decide to continue following your trial.

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Free with your trial: Put the best ideas of eight leading business gurus into practice now...
the best business ideas of eight leading gurus
Robert Heller has written Business Masterclasses for eight great gurus,including Warren Buffett. Each of the Masters and their Classes focus on the crucial methods and mindsets which mark out the great from the crowd - but which you can master yourself. Here are some of the highest-ranking How Tos you will ever find:

Jack Welch created spectacular value at General Electric: How to create the culture and management behaviours that make for and maximise market leadership.

Bill Gates built Microsoft into the enabling force of the software revolution: How to exploit your own vision of the future by taking tough, powerful decisions in the present.

Andy Grove drove Intel to become a magnificent microprocessor machine: How to optimise the pay-offs from dynamic advantages - and from reacting to near-total failure.

Warren Buffett created the greatest fortune ever derived from straight investment

Peter Drucker created the genre of management writing and changed the way managers manage: How to master the crucial difference between the Efficient (good) and the Effective (critical).

Stephen R Covey sold 10 million copies of The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective People: How to succeed in business by helping yourself to help other people to enjoy lasting success.

Tom Peters sold 7 million copies of In Search of Excellence: How to keep pace with today's changes in management that make performance fast, free and furiously good.

Charles Handy has changed the way we think about management and society: How to transcend the traditional organisation and manager with better ways of life and thought.

Download all 24 Masterclasses with your free two-month trial to Letter To Thinking Managers.


Mark Nunney
Letter to Thinking Managers

Management Intelligence, from Edward de Bono and Robert Heller is sent by Heller Management Ltd, 7 Park Place, Wadebridge, Cornwall, pl27 7ea, United Kingdom

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