Sunday, April 6, 2008

We Campaign: An action operation to stop global warming

Join us.

WE is a growing number of people who believe we can solve this.
Not just as individuals with strong beliefs but as part of a group where our strength makes governments and corporations change.
WE can put our planet on a new path. Clean energy solutions are out there waiting. Solutions that will not only save our planet but help rebuild our economy.
WE can lead.

Will you become WE?

I want to be part of the solution

Additional Resources

We campaign

As Americans, we don't wait for other people to take the lead when a problem needs to be fixed. In this ad, William H. Macy shows that by solving the climate crisis, we are honoring an American tradition.

Black balloons

Check out the Alliance for Climate Protection's first ad prior to the We Campaign. In this video, we are helping alert Americans about the urgency of the climate crisis and engage them to solve it.

This ad brings to life the contribution that each household is making towards climate change and demonstrates some very easy ways to help reduce it while saving money. You'll recognize the voice as that of the actor Tommy Lee Jones.

Pump Your Ride

Did you know that you can reduce your own impact on global warming by making sure your tires are properly inflated? Under-inflated tires can hurt your vehicle's gas mileage by two to three percent. Watch this video to learn about how you can maximize your gas mileage by pumping your ride.

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