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Recent Surveys

Strategy, Globalization, global trends survey
How companies act on global trends: A McKinsey Global Survey

April 2008

Executives say that global trends have become increasingly important, but few companies are addressing them successfully.

Economic Studies, Productivity & Performance, hiring survey mckinsey
Economic and hiring outlook, First Quarter 2008: A McKinsey Global Survey

April 2008

Executives around the world expect their national economies to be negatively affected by a US downturn. Although a majority of the executives say that their economies are linked to that of the United States, only 21 percent report that the linkage has tightened over the past three years.

Editors' Choice

Corporate Finance, Capital Management, corporate earnings
Preparing for a slump in earnings

March 2008

Historic trends suggest earnings may fall more than most executives expect. Companies should prepare for steeper declines and take steps to strengthen their positions when times improve.

Organization, Postmerger , multilocal management
The multilocal challenge: Managing cross-border functions

March 2008

Companies are learning to adapt their organizational design to capture cross-border synergies and to protect local sources of profitability.

Transportation, Sectors   , emerging markets aerospace
Premium Content
The growing role of emerging markets in aerospace

April 2008

Manufacturers in developing markets are already helping aircraft makers in developed ones to cut costs. That's just the beginning.

Financial Services, Banking, stock exchanges future
Premium Content
What’s next for exchanges

March 2008

The exchanges are riding high right now. They should use the proceeds of current good fortune to prepare for an intensely competitive future.

Corporate Finance, Performance, new CFOs
Starting up as CFO

March 2008

There are a few critical tasks that all finance chiefs must tackle in their first hundred days.

Marketing, Sectors & Regions, prepaid mobile
Premium Content
Getting more from prepaid mobile services

February 2008

As the industry matures, mobile operators won’t be able to count on a flood of new customers to fuel growth, so they must create more value from those they already have—including prepaid ones.

Financial Services, Investment Management, investing infrastructure
How investors can get more out of infrastructure

February 2008

Opportunities to invest in public infrastructure will increase during the next few years, but so will competition for deals.

Organization, Talent, talent management strategy
Premium Content
Making talent a strategic priority

January 2008

The War for Talent never ended. Executives must constantly rethink the way their companies plan to attract, motivate, and retain employees.

Information Technology, Applications, business technology trends
Eight business technology trends to watch

December 2007

Eight emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses. Executives should learn to shape the outcome rather than just react to it.

Recent Interviews

Health Care, Hospitals, innovation health care
Innovation in health care: An interview with the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic

March 2008

Delos "Toby" Cosgrove discusses innovation in health care—including a key role for top executives to play in reducing the nation’s health care burden.

Organization, Postmerger , steel interview ArcelorMittal
Integrating steel giants: An interview with the ArcelorMittal postmerger managers

February 2008

The merger of two large, complementary companies presented an unusual challenge: sustaining growth as well as focusing on integration and cost savings.

Governance, Leadership, interview council foreign relations
A political education for business: An interview with the head of the Council on Foreign Relations

February 2008

Richard Haass says that businesses have much to learn from government as they compete in an increasingly complex global landscape.


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