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Monthly HRD/Training Workshop

Monthly HRD/Training Workshop

I organize monthly HRD/Training workshop for my department team members. As far as I know, many of them have full knowledge ONLY of what they do. They do not have the overview training operation knowledge.

Under my administration, I divide the department into six division:
Technical Development
Human Capital Development
Frontline Employee
Lean Office
Organization Development
Training Operation

We have about 100 employees in the department with 60% from Frontline Employees and 40% from the rest. The 50 instructors in Frontlien Employee Division are responsible for the process competency of 6000 operators in the line.

The monthly HRD?trainign workshop is based on the book "Training and Development Workshop" by Prentice Hall. We assign a team of two people to present one chapter of the 20 chapters.

Hi all - during our workshop session,we are required to prepare an assignment and then to present it on the 3rd week (Thursday) each month, started on April 07 till Aug 07.Below is a list for the Chapter and the presenter. Following is the teams and chapters:

Chapter Title Presenter Chapter 1 How To Assess Training Need Yusof
Chapter 2 How To Do Job Analysis Anand

Chapter 3 How To Do Task Analysis KS Chew

Chapter 4 How To Write Training Proposol Ramond

Chapter 5 How To Design Your Own Course Dzul
Chapter 6 How To Design Test Ros

Chapter 7 How To Choose The Right Training Media Din

Chapter 8 How To Package Training Manual and Job Aids Sal

Chapter 9 How To Conduct Field Test Yeen Fong

Chapter 10 How To Deliver Training Micheal

Chapter 11 Guideline for CBI Yusof / Micheal

Chapter 12 How To Setup
Workshop Conference MC Ng / KW Cheah
Chapter 13 Guideline For Purchasing and Maintaining Training Equipment
and Facilities Sal / Yeen Fong
Chapter 14 How To Attract Employee To Your Training Program CM Hong

Chapter 15 How To Do Business Plan WY Lee
Chapter 16 Project Management: How To Content, Cost And Scheduling
Under Control MC Ng
Chapter 17 Planning Training Budget SK Yeong

Chapter 18 How To Survive On Operational Audit Kawita
Chapter 19 Ways To Streamline Training Administration KW Cheah

The feedback of the Monthly HRD DEv Workshop is positive. Many are learning them for the very first time. One of the benefits is to improve team collaboration. By having such workshop, they will understand the task carryout by other division.

Program Director of HRD Workshop: Mohd Yusoff

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