Saturday, April 12, 2008

Climate Change Week by YTL Malaysia April 2008

Winner of the ACCA Malaysia Environmental
and Social Reporting Awards (MESRA) 2006
Award for "Best Social Reporting in an Annual
Report" *

* The Report of the Judges can be accessed at

The YTL Group's Environmental Vision

We are fully committed to being a responsible
corporate citizen. Energy plays an essential role in
ensuring quality of life for people erywhere, for us
and for future generations. Supplying energy
reliably is critical to helping people maintain and
improve their standard of living. However, this
brings with it significant challenges – for example,
the very real threat of climate change means that
we need to continue to provide and deliver energy
in a way that minimises the impact our emissions
have on the environment. We recognise the
importance of sustainable development, taking account
of the impact of our operations on society and
understanding the dire consequences of global warming.

Letter from the Managing Director

Managing Director, YTL Corporation Berhad

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