Saturday, September 6, 2008

Organic Palnning by Using Story Boarding

OD - Organic Planning

Item - Team Work (Header) / Learning (Header) /

Story Stick post it note below any header of what you have done over the last quarter

Strength Stick the post it notes from the story column that depict strength

Future Write the post it note that which story can be used for future development

Example from UNC Charlotte (

Sample Hand-drawn Storyboard

This is a portion of a Storyboard drawn by hand on index cards. This is a good technique to use if you would like to experiment with a different layout or order for your Web pages “on paper” before you create the HTML files and link them together in your course management software.

Here’s one card, which represents one Web page – in this case, a course home page:

Course home page with Objectives and links to course tools

And here’s a group of cards – a lesson or a content module – which you can easily move and “play around” with in a different order. We often lay out our cards on a table, although sometimes the floor is more appropriate:

9 cards laid out in one possible order

Text-only Storyboard
Simple Storyboard
Graphical Storyboard

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