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Change the Way You Look at Yourself

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Small shifts in thinking can lead to big rewards – that's the lesson of Asset Based Thinking. The power of ABT can change the way you perceive yourself and your ability to change the world around you. By transforming the way you see your personal power, your influence grows exponentially and your personal impact intensifies dramatically. You can improve your everyday life and actually direct and shape the future you desire. This book will show you how. You will never look at yourself the same way ever again.

Change The Way You See Yourself - Testimonials

Library Journal
"In an impressive, uncomplicated manner, psychologist Cramer and advertising industry leader Wasiak show readers how constructive introspection can create positive change. Simply put, asset-based thinking involves looking at oneself and the world in terms of what's working instead of what isn't. Readers are challenged, for example, to focus on what they want and what is possible rather than what is problematic and what stands to be lost. Steps to change personal perceptions in areas like power, influence, and the future are artfully intermingled with beautiful photos, attractive sidebars, and color-highlighted text. A follow-up to the authors' Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking; highly recommended ."

5.0 out of 5 stars Thought Power , May 12, 2008
Norma Lehmeierhartie (New York, USA)

"Change the Way You See Yourself is a nicely written and packaged book about the power of positive thinking.

The book begins: "Asset-based thinking is a way of viewing reality. Asset-Based Thinkers embrace the positive side of life and free themselves of the deficit-based negative side (DBT.) ABT reveals how even the slightest shifts in your thinking can lead to seismic differences."

I liked how, in "Call yourself to action," the reader is encouraged to be proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means gaining control of our lives.

There are lots of photographs and white space in this attractive book. Some pages have only a couple of sentences with photographs to slow down reading and make us ponder the phrases.

For example, on the left side of one page is the following: "Showing up is a straight forward act, but it's how you show up that makes the difference...And that is not as simple as it sounds. Showing up emphatically can feel awkward at first...

On the right side of the page is a half inch strip of a photograph that runs across the page. The photograph depicts a red curtain with a face popping out. The rest of the page, along with the preceding page, is white.

This book is inspiring and uplifting.

By the author of the award winning book, Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet."

5.0 out of 5 stars fantastic, May 17, 2008
By Debra L. Dumas -

"I was thrilled to see a second book from these authors..what I am appreciating most about Change the Way You See Yourself is the awareness it is bringing into my life. There are many simple exercises, and lots of great stories to draw attention to how my own thoughts ultimately manifest my personal happiness. I bought it for my best friend for her birthday, and she's already called me raving about it!"

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