Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Measurable Impact of a Chief Learning Officer

The Measurable Impact of a Chief Learning Officer

This post was written by Jacob McNulty

In an e-seminar hosted by CLO Magazine yesterday, presenter Josh Bersin of Bersin and Associates facilitated a talk titled, “Increasing the Strategic Value of Learning Organizations.” You can find the slides here - the recording should be available here shortly.

Note: If you wish you had known about this e-seminar, we keep an up-to-date calendar on Orbital RPM’s site where you can search for events (big as small) throughout the learning and development field and send reminders directly to your calendar or email.

There are many good nuggets of information contained in Josh’s talk but in the interest of focus I will highlight one. Bersin and Associates is known for their quantitative research in the field of learning and development and the statistics from one of Josh’s slides was intriguing to me.

The following percentages indicate how much more effective or efficient organizations were (in the areas listed) that have a highly effective Cheif Learning Officer (CLO) in their ranks:

* Partnering with Lines of Business: + 12%
* Measuring the Impact of Learning: + 20%
* Developing Innovative e-Learning: + 14%
* Sharing Best Practices: + 15%
* Making the Most of Resources: +12%
* Developing High Job Satisfaction: +10%

These numbers are compelling. As the strategic role of learning and development continues its climb up the ranks of organizational credibility, it’s studies like these that will give it a boost. Everybody loves data and these are numbers that any Executive would like to see.

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