Sunday, February 3, 2008

Assest Based Thinking: Change The Way You See Yourself

I put "posters" up on my office walls. They're actually printouts of principles I've typed on my computer. Just little paper pages. It's what's printed on the page that changes me, slowly but surely.

Here's one of them:

What's Best
Focus on
What's Next.

It's push-pinned to the wall so I see it every time I sit down at the computer. It's a principle. And it requires that we be keenly aware of who we are and what we want to achieve--even while we navigate demanding, sometimes chaotic situations and respond to the priorities of others.

So what's the secret to staying on course?

One secret is to keep even your smallest achievements in the forefront of your mind. Make what you've been able to accomplish more important than what you haven't.

Think about it. What haven't you accomplished? It doesn't matter. You must think more about what you have accomplished. This is magnifying the best... and focusing on what's next.

When you magnify what's best and focus on what's next, your personal sense of confidence and competence increases... automatically.

Here's what happens:

  • You approach life from the inside out... not the outside in

  • You engage demands from the perspective of how they can serve you and your priorities.

  • You ask yourself, "How can I advance my agenda given the current set of circumstances?"

  • Your day starts with envisioning what you see as possible, what you want, regardless of the current reality.

  • Your vision guides you, coaches you, all day long.

Think about these words, and what they mean to you:






You want to set up a desire-driven way of navigating through life's ups and downs and proactively pursue things that ignite your interests, passions, energy and ingenuity. You still respond to the needs of others, but you transform every encounter into fuel for advancing your agenda.

Here's the Asset-Based Formula you can focus on. It's the one that children follow instinctively:

  • Set your sights on what you want or need.

  • Move past fear

  • Start from exactly where you are with gusto and self-abandon.

  • Practice as if no one is judging.

  • Build on what you already know how to do--add, shape, edit, expand.

  • When you experience victory, celebrate!

  • Set your sights on the next step.

Magnify What's Best and Focus on What's Next


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