Sunday, February 3, 2008

Assest Based Thinking: Changing Your Mind

So let's start out with making clear exactly what ABT is not.

Asset-Based Thinking is not:

  • Blind optimism
  • Magical thinking
  • A quick fix
  • Based on theory alone

{ABT} is based on systematic observation into how a growing minority of highly effective, satisfied people think, feel and act.

"Positive thinking" is taken to a whole new level of engagement. You see, positive thinking calls for a positive attitude about life and the future. Asset-Based Thinking calls for positive action and traction in the present.

You create the future you most desire. ABT puts the power of personal, interpersonal, and situational assets in your hands. So let's get busy and start making our tomorrows better every day.

Change the way you respond--What ABT is about

ABT changes the way your respond in the privacy of your own thoughts, in every interaction, every conversation and circumstance with possibilities. ABT is a concrete, congnitive process aimed at identifying your assets:

  • Strengths
  • Talents
  • Synergies (combined effect is greater than the sum of individual effects)
  • Possibilities

These are immediately available to you and everyone else you come in contact with as well as any situation.

ABT is about opportunity thinking. And ABT shows you how the glass can be "half-empty" and "half-full" at the same time. (This is what makes ABT practical and useful.) ABT also shows you how to turn what is half full and half empty to your best advantage.

ABT increases your self confidence

and it makes you more proactive

and more effective with others

and expands your power to influence how things will turn out.

ABT is a Choice. It's ready when you are.

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