Sunday, February 3, 2008

Examples of ABT in action

Examples of ABT in action:

You're at dinner and the conversation turns to complaints about the day. Then you shift and ask everyone to share the best thing that happened to them that day. You encourage them to relive the high points. Everybody at the table becomes "engaged." Dinner becomes another high point.

You face a serious setback in your business. Customer satisfaction is down 20 percent. You get together with your team. Rather than dwell on what could have gone wrong, you choose to build on past achievements and current capabilities that will move the team forward. You shift from "react" to "rebound" and the momentum builds.

You can probably think of more. Create more. Stretch your mind. ABT is a choice, not a personality trait.

You condition your mind to think differently.

You Change the Way You See Everything...

Change the way you see yourself

Change the way you see others

Change the way you see situations

You change for the better, from this moment on.

Ready to consider how you can change yourself? Okay, let's do it

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