Wednesday, February 20, 2008

International Affliation of Facilitator (IAF)

Member of the IAF Affiliate Program

Hong Kong Facilitators Forum
Contact: Martha Collard
Programs include topics like Multistakeholder Consultation and Consensus Building, Exporing with Open Space: Creating Consensus in Large Scale Systems, Glimpse of Playback Theatre, Sculpting a Vision, Exploring the Learning Organization in an Asian Context, Value Management, and The 3-D Presentation System: Caring for the Audience.

Taipei Facilitators Forum
Contact: Jackie Chang
Programs include topics like Improve Theater Techniques, Future Search, Open Space Technology, Wisdom Circles, Psychodrama, "The S.C.O.R.E. Model for Change" and Overcoming defensive

Malaysian Facilitators' Forum **

Contact: Shanmugam
The Malaysian Facilitators' Forum holds quarterly half-day facilitator forums on topics ranging from "Yoga for facilitators" to "Facilitating Cultural Diversity - Ideas and People.

Facilitators Network Singapore **
Contact: Hong Li
The Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS) is set up with the mission of promoting and supporting the art and practice of professional facilitation through methods exchange, collegial networking and support services. FNS fully supports the IAF values of inclusiveness, global scope, participation, celebration, innovative form and social responsibility. FNS is affiliated with IAF and collaborates internationally and regionally in organising IAF events. Besides participating in the organisation of IAF Asia Conferences, FNS also organizes regular learning and development activities for our local network of facilitators.
Workshops Offered by FNS
Besides our bi-monthly Facilitators Forums; annual Singapore Facilitators Conferences; and the IAF Asia Facilitator Conferences; the following are workshops that we organize:
  • Foundational Facilitation Workshop (FFW) - Introduces the IAF CPF competencies and serves as an entry level workshop for aspiring facilitators.
  • Specialized Facilitation Workshop (SFW) - Is a series of independent workshops that focuses on specific IAF CPF competencies for facilitators.
  • Facilitation Skills for Professionals (FSP) - Is a series of independent workshops that introduce facilitative practices for leaders, managers, lecturers, trainers, instructors, teachers, parents to enhance their professional effectiveness.
  • Premier Facilitation Workshop (PFW) - Is a series of independent workshops that are conducted by established and published masters in the field of facilitation.
  • Complementary Development Programs (CDP) - A series of independent workshops to build and maintain a base of professional knowledge in management and organizational systems.

Facilitators Forum Thailand (FFT)

Contact: Jost Wagner
Website: In progress
A network of people in Bangkok interested in the art of facilitation. Open to all, regardless of background or professional interest. People new to facilitation most welcome as are experienced facilitators and trainers. Only qualifications: interest in facilitation and like to have fun! All our meeting (usually each year between 4-6 ) are facilitated on a voluntary basis. Topics vary widely. This year we had meetings, for example on Scenario building and Facilitating cross-cultural teams. All our meetings illustrate the principles of facilitation as articulated by the International Association of Facilitators. Facilitators visiting Bangkok are invited to share their knowledge on a pro-bono basis. In 2008 the FFT also supports hosting the 11th Regional IAF conference held in August 2008 in Bangkok

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