Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Shingo Prize is regarded as the premier manufacturing award recognition program for North America. As part of the Shingo Prize mission and model, the Prize highlights the value of using lean/world-class manufacturing practices to attain world-class status.

The Vision of the Shingo Prize is to be the "Nobel prize" in business, grounded in lean enterprise management leading to world-class and globally competitive business.

The mission of the Shingo Prize for business, the public sector, and research is to:

• Promote world-class business and manufacturing processes that will enable organizations to achieve perfection in quality, best cost, and 100 percent on-time delivery to fulfill the customer experience..
• Foster the sharing of "True North" core business and manufacturing processes for continuous improvement.
• Recognize research and applied materials that support the vision and mission of the Shingo Prize.

The Shingo Prize achievement criteria provide a framework for identifying and evaluating world-class operational competence and performance.


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