Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Lean Healthcare

By Mark Graban,

Hospitals around the world are successfully implementing Lean methods for the benefit of patients, employees, physicians, and the hospital organizations. It is possible, through Lean and the Toyota Production System, to simultaneously provide better care, better quality, and lower costs.

Hospitals worldwide face a wide range of problems and pressures that have inspired them to look outside of healthcare for inspiration. Payers, ranging from government agencies to private insurers, are forcing price reductions on hospitals, which requires hospitals to reduce costs in order to maintain their margins. Even not-for-profit hospitals need to have a surplus to remain financially viable and to drive future growth. Hospitals are becoming less able to demand “cost plus” pricing that pays them for their efforts as opposed to being paid flat rates based on patient diagnoses.

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Featured book

Best Practices in
Lean Six Sigma
Process Improvement

by Richard Schonberger

Why are some companies highly successful with their lean Six Sigma performance management initiatives, while most are not? Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement shows readers how to get process improvement going, and keep it going for many years. The key is an expended concentration on what are most important to customers, namely quality, response time, flexibility, and value. The author provides readers with valuable benchmarks and best-practice models based on results from his own extensive, long-ranging research, including hard data from 1,200 companies throughout the world.

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Upcoming Events

AME Annual Conference
Toronto: 20 October

The largest lean enterprise excellence conference in North America, for practioners by practioners. Workshops, seminars, plant tours, and keynote speakers.
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TWI Summit
Orlando: 6 May 2008

The TWI Summit will explore how this proven supervisory training methodology impacted the Toyota Production System and how companies are utilizing it today to achieve standardized work and lean sustainability.
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Lean Accounting Summit
Las Vegas: 17 Sep 2008

The Lean Accounting Summit is a movement of manufacturing professionals that recognize the gap that exists between traditional accounting methods and the Lean Enterprise.
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Lean and Green Summit
Boulder: 17 July 2008

The Lean and Green Summit will gather industry professionals already making strides toward sustainability and those who want to start making the short-term AND long-term changes needed.
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