Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lean Culture: 1st Letter

Lean manufacturing is easy to implement in terms of lean tools implementation. So far, our team in HRd has been facilitating with managers and engineers from three pilot lines. We have done some work fro 5s, visual management, toc, setup time. TPM. Now we are in the process of setting up Kanban. We not only deal with 36 pilot project teams in three production lines, but we also work with the same teams to proliferate to other non-pilot lines.

Now it is the time for us to look into cultural aspects of lean in our organization. Now this is a tall order. Our team is looking into few books for ideas such as Toyota Culture, Developing a lean workforce, and Creating a lean culture. No concrete formula except for the lean supervisor roles propose by Chris Harris in the book of Developing Lean Workforce. More to come.....

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georgefriesen said...

I would highly recommend a book by David Mann entitled "Creating a Lean Culture." It is available at Amazon and other trade sources. I believe you will find this book interesting and very valuable.


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