Saturday, January 12, 2008


The course focuses on the psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing life. Topics include happiness, self-esteem, empathy, friendship, goalsetting, love, achievement, creativity, mindfulness, spirituality, and humor.

Instructor: Tal Ben-Shahar
Head TF: Jessica Glazer

* * *
February 2: Introduction
February 7: Why do we need a Positive Psychology?
February 9: Basic Premises I (what’s this class about, anyway?)
February 14: Basic Premises II (oh, I see)
February 16: Beliefs as self-fulfilling prophecies I (psychology of success)
February 21: Beliefs as self-fulfilling prophecies II (and more success)
February 23: Question of focus I (hey, look here)
February 28: Question of focus II (so much to look at...)
March 2: Can we change?
March 7: Yes, we can change
March 9: Physical health (sleep is good i.e. why this class starts at 11:30)
March 14: Setting goals I (from lofty todo lists...)
March 16: Setting goals II (... to earthly visions)
March 21: Midterm
March 23: Review and questions (everything you wanted to know, and... have a wonderful break)
April 4: Perfectionism I (at Harvard???)
April 6: Perfectionism II
April 11: Mindfulness (Ohmmmmmm)
April 13: Humor (finally, some fun in this class)
April 18: Relationships I (love, friendship, and other good stuff)
April 20: Relationships II
April 25: Self-esteem I
April 27: Self-esteem II
May 2: The good life (wait, what was the course about until now?)
May 4: What Now? (the next step, the one after, and farewell

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