Monday, May 11, 2015

Corporate Culture 101 for CEO & HRD

What is culture? Physical? Values? Belief?  Some say Corporate culture is what you do everyday at the workplace. 

What corporate culture Apple, Google or PayPal  has to make them extremely successful? (I have used PayPal as an example because I worked in PayPal Asia Pacific before. PayPal has a dynamic corporate culture as well)

Not until I have come across a book on corporate culture with a long complicated name  CVF "Competing Values Framework". It is written by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn. 
Fear not. It turns out to be very easy to understand.  They have divided corporate culture into four elements: clan, adhocracy, hierarchy and market. The diagram below is self-explanatory. 
Each of the corporate culture has a distinctive characteristics, leadership style, management style, organization glues, strategic emphasis, criteria for success. 
You must be thinking by now what is the corporate culture of my company? The following by Online Talent Manager will enlighten you. 

 That's about it. Corporate Culture 101. A new term to add on to your personal dictionary: CVF.
One last thing, If you have the time, you may want to explore Master Manager. Another tool developed to look into the management style of the managers by using the CVF Model. Jeff DeGraff explains these four management styles in a more elaborative manner. 

 Laurence Yap has 20 years of industrial experience in organization development and human resource development. He has served in multiple multinational organizations in Asia Pacific Region such as PayPal, Western Digital, First Solar and Pfizer. You can read more about his work in his blog Journey of HRD and Eastleaf in Slideshare. Email:

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