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We are 252 organizations seeking a few new colleagues. We include the learning leaders of some of the largest companies in the world (e.g., Wal-Mart, Home Depot, British Airways, Wendy's International, Ericsson Inc. and American Express). Every day throughout the year, Learning CONSORTIUM members turn to each other and the staff of The MASIE Center for benchmarking, networking, research and collaborative projects in the Learning and Training field.

Here are a few examples of how our CONSORTIUM benefits from collaboration on a daily basis:

  • A member contacts the CONSORTIUM office to identify 2 members using a specific Learning Management System to get references, context and experiences.
  • Six members work together on a working group considering alternative models for employee Orientation and On-Boarding.
  • Elliott Masie conducts 1-to-1 coaching sessions with learning executives from two member organizations.
  • Members participate in a rapid fire "poll" to benchmark spending per employee on Compliance issues.
  • MASIE staff member attends a conference and sends a PodCast and text summary to all CONSORTIUM members.
  • Members provide Microsoft with input on how their new operating system could support content sharing for learning.
  • A member brings several of its business leaders to The MASIE Center Lab in Saratoga for a strategy session on the futures of learning and collaboration.

More than 1,000 people in 252 organizations worldwide collaborate and learn together on the issues and challenges you face. Together, we are evaluating, inventing, revising and improving the exciting field of learning! This is a community of trust, appropriate confidentiality and syndicated efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our efforts on learning and training.

The Learning CONSORTIUM is a small and very focused organization. The charge is only $5,000 per entire company for a year of service, collaboration and events. Our model is to be a long-term trusted collaborative of learning professionals that is vendor-neutral and ethically based.

We invite you to join us!
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Learning CONSORTIUM Resources:

The Learning CONSORTIUM is a non-stop source of learning resources, invitations to benchmark, common work projects and exclusive access to Elliott Masie's research and development activity.
Here are just some of the resources that your organization can access:

  • LifeLines: Member-to-member requests for specific information, experience and resources (e.g., "How are organizations changing their leadership development programs for international employees?).

  • CONSORTIUM Staff for Support & Coaching: Elliott Masie, Ria Christian and Brooke Thomas (member requests and research), and Chryseis Hunt (sales).

  • Benchmarking for Learning: Periodic surveys and scans on key industry topics, which gather information to help you find organizations for member-to-member dialogues and industry trend analysis.

  • Events, Meetings & Classes:

    Learning 2008: Each member organization receives two complimentary seats to our annual fall Learning conference.
    Semi-Annual and Regional Roundtables:
    Regional CONSORTIUM-only meetings on key industry topics.
    MASIE Center Events: Discounts on the wide range of Elliott Masie's classes and briefings.

  • Learning Briefings with Elliott Masie: Receive personalized briefings twice a year by Elliott Masie. These are 30-minute, live telephone briefings for your team, focused on changing trends in Learning or on key learning issues selected by your organization. The briefings are often scheduled as part of a staff meeting, team retreat or as part of an internal global learning conference. The briefings can also be scheduled with senior executives in your organization and digitally captured for later use by a wider audience within your organization.

  • LifeLines and Mutual Support: Information and resource sharing among members about your questions through out on-line discussion board tool.

  • CONSORTIUM Projects: Opportunities to participate in active projects and receive updates. Current topics include 3-D Learning, Mobile Learning and Learning Polls.

  • Representation: The Learning CONSORTIUM will represent your organization on national and international committees, including SCORM, AICC and LETSI.

  • Content Focus:
    Learning Strategy and Management
    Classroom Learning
    Learning Systems
    3-D Virtual Learning
    Leadership Development
    Globalizing Learning
    Shared Learning Services
    Human Capital
    Talent Management

  • Monthly Calls: Telephone conference calls about key industry initiatives related to your business, technology and learning decisions.

  • Learning Reports: Just-in-time reports on the learning priorities and issues raised by CONSORTIUM members.

  • Video/PodCast Perspectives: Brief updates from Elliott on key learning priorities and issues raised by CONSORTIUM members.

Annual Membership Fee:

The fee is $5,000 for one year from your date of acceptance into the CONSORTIUM .

Member Ethics:

The Learning CONSORTIUM is an active community of practice and learning. We expect our members to:

  • Participate in on-going benchmarking, networking, and dialogues

  • To refrain from "selling" CONSORTIUM Members at group events

  • To participate in a fashion that builds trust and openness within the group and honors diverse perspectives and also the confidentiality and competitive roles of members

Application Process:

Join Today!

The CONSORTIUM is looking for a few additional members, primarily large organizations implementing Learning across the enterprise and a few larger vendor/suppliers.

The MASIE Center staff reviews all applications for membership in the Learning CONSORTIUM. We ask that each organization applying complete the on-line form and submit to our office. We will then schedule a telephone interview to process this application.

(If you have any additional questions, please send an email to consortium@masie.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it )

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