Sunday, October 19, 2008


As a Senior Training Manager, I manage 100 staff and manage six divisions - organization development, lean manufacturing and supply chain, human capital development, technical development, training operations, and front line employee development.

In the process of continuous improvement and change, I apply three principles of management - strength based management (focus on their strength and not weaknesses), coaching (develop solution and competency together, not to find faults and pressure for deadlines), and appreciative leadership (appreciate their works and know them in person). The department is growing and people are motivated and appreciated. Even the people outside of the department told me that.

In retrospective, we must love and care for people, make them feel important and challenge them to next level appropriately. I can see confidence, motivation and care in their eyes.

I am satisfied. My work in my current company is almost over. I have laid down the framework for leadership, supervisory, customer sensitivity, lean supply chain and lean manufacturing for them.

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