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The Corporate Learning Factbook® 2008: The U.S. Corporate Training Market

Date Published: 1/23/2008

Author: Karen O’ Leonard (more research by Karen O’ Leonard)

Industry Study




This industry report provides detailed benchmarking data on the U.S. corporate training marketplace. Table of Contents

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Research ID: 6704
Primary Subject Area: Learning Programs
Seconday Subject Area: Learning Programs, Learning Measurement, LMS, Learning on Demand
Industry: Cross-Industry
Application Area: Cross-Application
Research Purpose: Costs and Benchmarking
Audience Level: Beginner - New to the Topic, Intermediate - Some Experience, Advanced - Extensive Experience
What You Will Learn: Benchmarks on training budgets and staffing by industry and company size.Benchmarks on learning programs by industry and company size.Benchmarks on learning technologies by industry and company size.
The 2008 Corporate Learning Factbook® is the US training industry's most complete and comprehensive study of corporate training budgets, spending, delivery volumes, staffing, and trends. This annual report contains facts and statistics as well as extensive analysis and interpretation. The report also includes guidelines on the usage of this information for benchmarking.

New for 2008. Our 2008 report includes data on spending allocations per program area as well as usage of new, collaborative learning methods. Specifically, the 2008 Corporate Learning Factbook® includes the following data, broken down by company size and industry:

Industry Spending and Staffing Benchmarks
  • Total US training expenditures
  • Total US spending on training payroll
  • Total US training outsourcing spending
  • Training budget changes from 2006 to 2007
  • Training expenditures per learner
  • Training staff size changes 2006 vs. 2007
  • Staff to learner ratios
  • Payroll to total spending ratios
  • Spending allocation by program area

Consumption and Training Volume Benchmarks
  • Top program priorities in aggregate and by industry
  • Budget allocation to top program priorities

Consumption and Training Volume Benchmarks
  • Total student hours consumed per learner
  • Cost per student hour consumed
  • Percent of training delivered online vs. in classroom in aggregate and by industry
  • Online vs. classroom delivery trends by program area
  • Blended learning trends

Technology Trends and Benchmarks
  • LMS usage and trends
  • LMS consolidation trends
  • Technology spending as a percentage of total spending
  • LCMS (Learning Content Management System) usage and trends
  • Rapid E-Learning (Powerpoint publishing) usage and trends
  • Application Simulation Tools usage and trends
  • Virtual Classroom usage and trends
  • Podcasting usage and trends
  • Use of Communities of Practice
  • Use of Blogs
  • Use of Wikis

Learning Outsourcing Statistics and Trends
  • Outsourcing of custom content development
  • Outsourcing of instruction/facilitation
  • Outsourcing of LMS administration
  • Outsourcing of learner support
  • LMS hosting (external)
  • Offshoring usage trends.

Summary Tables and Benchmarking Guidance

The study includes detailed summary tables to help readers identify just the information they need. It also includes a step-by-step guidelines to help readers benchmark themselves. Please note: Bersin & Associates offers customized Learning Organization Benchmarking by industry, best practices, and by organization size.


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