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Master of Science Human Resource Development
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The programme is offered in taught course or by research (see below). The Master of Science Human Resource Development by coursework is designed to produce skilled personnel in the field of training who can manage and develop human resources in an organization. It exposes students to theories and basic principles in the field of human resource development. This programme consists of foundation, support, electives, graduate projects and common university courses. Students can choose for either full-time or part-time mode of study.

Core (15 credits):
MHF1013 Human Resource Planning and Management
MHF1023 Human Resource Development Programme Evaluation
MHF1033 Human Resource Trainning Management
MHF1043 Quality Improvement of Human Resource Development
MHF1053 Human Resourse Development Training Design

Support (6 credits):
MHF1743 Research Methodology
MHF1213 Seminar in Counseling at The Work Place

Electives (3 credits, choose 1):
MHF1063 Organizational Theories
MHF1073 Organizational Management

Graduate Project (6 credits):
MHF2832 Graduate Project (Proposal)
MHF2844 Graduate Project (Report)

University General Electives (2 credits, choose 1):
UHP6012 Seminar on Development Global Issues and other general electives offered by other faculties in UTM.

Duration of Studies: Full Time 3-6 semesters; Part Time 4-8 semesters.

Additional Info: The degree will be awarded to candidates who have completed 32 credit hours with a CPA of 3.0 and above. Students who are not able to complete the 32 hours of credit requirement can be awarded a postgraduate diploma on the following conditions: (1) Have taken core, support and elective courses, and (2) Have completed at least 21 credit hours.

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