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TP09 - Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development)

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This 3-year program is designed to produce competent graduates in the area of human resource development especially in meeting the needs of the industry.

Career prospects: Graduates of the programme can work as human resource development manager, training needs analyst, programme designer, HRD meterials developer, instructor/facilitator, career development advisor, administrator, programme evaluator, researcher and entrepreneur.

Year 1 Semester 1:
SHP1303 Principles of Human Resource Development
SHP1313 Introduction to Industrial Psychology
SHD1513 Principles of Management
SHC1123 Principles of Financial Accounting
SHP1333 Communication Skills
ULT1022 Islamic and Asian Civilisation

Year 1 Semester 2:

SHP1323 Industrial Counseling
SHP1343 Principles of Human Resource Planning
SHP1363 Basic Principles in Malaysian Law
SHD1213 Introduction to Finance
SHD1523 Organisational Behaviour
UHS1152 Ethnic Relations
UHB1412 English for Academic Communication

Year 2 Semester 1:
SHP1353Statistics for Social Science
SHP2323 Instructional Technology System
SHP2353 Training Needs Analysis
SHP2423 Negotiation Techniques
SHD2513 Human Resource Management
UHS2092 Professional Ethics
UQX1XX1 Co-Curriculum

Year 2 Semester 2:

SHP2303 Fundamentals of Research Methodology
SHP2333 Programme Evaluation
SHP2363 Skills for Trainers
SHP2343 Principles of Training Design
SHP2XX3 Department Elective
ULT2XX2 General Elective (PPIPS)
UHB2422 Advanced English for Academic Communication

Short Semester:

SHP2414 Industrial Training

Year 3 Semester 1:
SHP3303 Practicum
SHP3313 Adult Learning
SHP3323 Career Development
SHP3363 Training Management
SHP3423 Human Resource Information System
UHB3XX2 English Elective
UQX2XX1 Co-Curriculum

Year 3 Semester 2:
SHP3373 Organisational Development
SHP3383 Industrial Relations Law
SHP3433 Occupational Safety and Health
SHP3533 Academic Exercise
SHP3XX3 Department Elective

Electives (Year 2):
SHP2373 Industrial Supervisory
SHP2383 Interpersonal Communication
SHP2393 Behaviour and Behaviour Modification
SHP2403 Performance Management

Electives (Year 3):
SHP3393 Cross-Cultural Management
SHP3403 Crisis Management
SHD3583 Business Strategy
SHD2613 Technology and Economic Development

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