Monday, February 9, 2009

Annual Planning

Hi Training Managers,

Have you done your homework in getting Training Department align to Business Needs?

2009 Yearly Planning

1. Focus of Organization
2. TNA and Competency Model
3. Executive Development - Three Groups - Managers, Executives and Engineers
4. Developmental Focus - (for example)
    a. Lean Enterprise
    b. Product Process Improvement 
    c. Development of leadership culture 
    d. Development of Management Tools for Managers
    e. Expansion of Soft skills training to Executives and Engineers
 5. Training Calender and Target Audience
6. Training Program and Contents
7. Training Budget and HRDF (Projection of Claims and Utilization in 2008)
8. LMS Development -  Technicians and Managers - 
9. Training Policy
10.Training and development Guide 2009 

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