Sunday, May 27, 2007

Starbuck Culture

I love the ambiance of Starbuck. It provides me a nirvana for thinking, surfing, chatting and reading. Once I step in Starbuck, my mind shift to out of box thinking. With Notebook in hands (IBM or Acer), I would surf to explore in particular to The site push different websites to the screen each time I press my stumbleupon toolbar icon.

Reading is another activities in Starbuck. The magazines are trendy and up-to-date. In Subang Jaya, Starbuck offers five laptops for clients. The vast space of sofa setting is what I love it most!

" Starbucks itself is an American repackaging of Italian coffee culture. The chain was originally indistinguishable from any other coffee shop. But in 1983 Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz (then head of marketing) took a business trip to Milan and was blown away by the grace and style -- not to mention the coffee -- of the city's 1,500 espresso bars.

Schultz eventually differentiated Starbucks from other American coffeehouses by modeling it on his Italian experience, with certain modifications to suit American tastes. These include chairs for loitering, jazz overhead instead of opera, and an Italian-sounding nonsense language (such as "frappuccino" and "tazo tea") that one ex-Starbucks exec freely admits was concocted in a boardroom. This just adds another stage in the international epic of coffee drinking: Starbucks customers, whether in Zurich or Beirut, are drinking an American version of an Italian evolution of a beverage invented by Arabs brewed from a bean discovered by Africans."

Tempest in a Coffeepot

Starbucks invades the world.

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