Sunday, March 22, 2009

Training is the Key to Best Customer Service - Starbuck Malaysia

To Managing Director,

I compelled to write a commendation letter of your Starbuck store at Cameron Highland. Your staff - Kumaran, Farra, Terence and the team have provided very attentive and professional services to my visit there recently.

Farra has introduced me to the world of coffee. She has taken pain to explain your House Blend to us during coffee testing with blueberry muffin. She explained patiently and passionately the four steps of coffee testing to my wife and me. I ended up buying the whole set of coffee brewing equipment (Signature Coffee Press, Timer, Breakfast Blend ) from her.

Terence has also handed us a booklet of Starbuck coffee to allow us to understand different types of Starbuck coffee.

I got Kumaran to tell me about how he managed to lead such a motivated team. He told me how he coach the team. He also passionately share with me about his career in Starbuck. On top of that, he shared with me of many things about Starbuck coffee. 

The Décor of the store is also  a gorgeous one. It provides space that allowed intimacy without overcrowding.

Last but not the least, BRAVO to your staff!  They have created a team of people that know how to provide an atmosphere of warmth, elegance, and  fun!

Laurence Yap

Senior Training & OD Manager

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