Somewhere along the line, I decided I didn't want to be a big shot. I didn't want to bulldoze coworkers and employees. I didn't want to climb the corporate ladder at the expense of others. I didn't want to abuse people the way I'd been ill-treated by certain employers. Human values seemed more important. I wanted to treat my customers, employees, coworkers and bosses with respect and--dare I say it?--L-O-V-E. I soon found that work was much more fulfilling and fruitful when I cared for those with whom I worked.
According to Tim Sanders, director of Yahoo's in-house think tank, author of Love is the Kller App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, believes love is the crucial element in the search for personal and professional success. In His Book, he shares about how to demonstrate love at work through compassion, knowledge and network.
Knowledge: finding ways to share what you know with co-workers and partners. You can coach your staff, share info with your colleagues, mentor new employees. The more you share your knowledge, the more you demonstrate care to others. I have coached numerous people at work or outside of work. I always told my staff. I was going to share 110% what I know to them. I arranged Weekly one on one meeting, Weekly team learning and Monthly workshop to ensure the team grow together.
I have ever gone as far as sharing my knowledge in HR Conferences to let other training and OD colleagues how we could do certain things in creative ways. I have uploaded 50 presentations in ( and viewed by 760,000 since 2008. Some of the topics are listed below:
Good Practices on Retention Strategies, Application of Action Learning, Career Development, On boarding Impacts on Retention, HR as Leading Department, Effectively managing Conflict in the Workplace, Facilitating Corporate Strategy, Educating and Training Line Managers in Talent Management, Learning and Employee Retention
Network: expanding your networks by being open and sharing your contacts with those that could benefit. Involving in talks and seminars, collecting name cards, expanding your circle through networking events or NGO are able for you to share your contacts with your co-workers and staff.
Develop yourselves to be a "go-to" person. Becoming resourceful means your ability to get info and help from your network. It means you are able to connect to one and another in your network without a hidden agenda. I have connected competent trainers to many training mangers. Sometimes, I have ever got calls from HR Director to recommend a good candidate for training profession.
Compassion: listening and showing care to your co-workers and business associates regardless of their position in the company. Encouraging others, listening and demonstrating you care for those you come in contact with is an end in itself, and you will soon find the encouragement and caring coming back to you.
This is the most fundamental way to connect human. I have the principle of respecting people regardless of their job titles. I talk to the cleaner the same way I talk to the CEO. Compassion needs consistence sincerity and willingness to listen and to spare time to be with them.
The main point here is that love is not selfish. The thread he weaves throughout the book is a message about caring for others, not with the expectation of getting something in return, but because it is the right thing to do and will cause a change to them.
In summary, remember three key points of showing love at work: Compassion, Network and Knowledge.
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Note: Love Is the Killer App is a global and New York Times best seller. 
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