Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facilitation of Post Mortem

Post Mortem is not wel run by many people. They use post mortem to point out the weaknesses and causing emotional hurts to participants. I use After Action Review concept to change the context of post mortem by finding out what they did right and learn from their success factors and repeat those practices next time. For weaknesses, I turn it into "areas of development" and let only the person give future solutions and tell their own side of stories.

In the two cases I have done before, the morale an learning were amazing!


Ground Rules:

a. No critism

b. Talk about your areas only

c. Listen with expression

1. What did we do well?

2. What reas we nee to improve?

3. How can we o it better next time?

4. Summary and Thank everyone

Case study:

1. Supermarket performance after one month - evaluation of opening week

Why Pay More? Buy at Wholesale Prices!

That is the Company Tag. They claim that they have the best price in town. Well every store says like that eh? Well Mydin have acquired the Melaka Bazaar 24hours. For readers outside Malaysia, Mydin is like TESCO or Carrefour . You can get any groceries here. Just the flavor is Malaysian. Mydin store support local and small enterprise product. You can find dodols,kerepeks,belacans,inang-inangs and freshwater fish waterfish. Products from all over the country are available here.

A cafe is also attached to the Mydin Bazaar ‘Tanjong Cafe’ for those who needs refreshment and dine with the famous ‘mamak style’. The most interesting part of this Mydin compared to other Mydin in Malaysia is its open 24 hours!.

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