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Management Development the AMA Way!

Management Development the AMA Way!

This Webcast was recorded on August 14, 2008.
Download slides of Management Development
the AMA Way! (PDF)
Core Competencies that Drive Successful Management Development
For any organization, strong results and sustained growth are driven by its ability to equip managers with the unique competencies and skills they need to help their staffs accomplish important work on a daily basis.
For 85 years, AMA has researched, developed, field tested and refined management development programs that are used throughout the world.
Join this Webcast as we discuss the newly refined AMA Management Competency Model and what it takes for organizations to successfully develop their leadership/management pipelines.
This enlightening discussion will examine:
  • The importance of aligning all management development efforts with corporate goals
  • Key components of the AMA Management Development Competency Model
  • Distinctions between "leadership competencies" and "management competencies"
  • The vital role of every manager in the development process
  • Current and future trends impacting your management development efforts
The Webcast includes an interactive session—where we will address specific questions asked by members of the audience!

About the Presenters:

Daniel R. TobinDaniel R. Tobin is Vice President of Instructional Design and Development for American Management Association (AMA) and has more than 30 years' experience as a corporate training director, consultant, writer, and speaker on corporate learning strategies.

Margaret S. PettingellMargaret S. Pettingell is an instructional designer with AMA. She previously held positions with Novations Group, Accenture, and Decker Communications.

Terry SeamonTerry Seamon is Management Development Portfolio Manager at AMA. Seamon is a versatile training and organization development practitioner and consultant with over 20 years experience across several industries, including energy, pharma, telecom, and consulting.

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Terrence Seamon said...

Hello Laurence.
Greetings from New Jersey!
Thank you for highlighting the AMA webcast that I did last year on the new management development book written by Dan Tobin and Peg Pettingell.
Best wishes for 2009!
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