Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Online Classroom Platform

Free online platform to deliver presentations over the internet. Take a look at:

Anyone can teach & learn live, online WiZiQ is a web-based platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach and learn live, online. Teachers and students use WiZiQ for its state-of-the-art virtual classroom, to create and share online educational content and tests, and to connect with persons having similar subject interests.

Anyone can join WiZiQ
WiZiQ is FREE for everyone and takes just few seconds. Whether you are a teacher or a learner, signing up for a WiZiQ account is free and simple. Enter your log in essentials (email address, password) and name to get started with an account on WiZiQ.

Live, online sessions
In the virtual classroom with all the digital benefits at your fingertips, you can interact online using
  • Images, PowerPoint presentations and documents
  • Full way audio and video sharing
  • Live chat enhances the interaction amongst the participants
  • Control Privileges with you having full control over the session like in real-world classroom
All sessions on WiZiQ are automatically recorded so that you can revisit and even search for a certain topic anytime at your convenience

Build your educational network
On WiZiQ, you can enter your subject interests and discover who else on WiZiQ shares similar interests with you. Initiate contact with members around you to exchange knowledge, content and to help each other work towards common goals such as preparing for an exam or assignment.

Share content
WiZiQ lets you produce your content online and convert it in a sharable format, with minimal effort. You can make your content semi-permanent, easy to put on blogs, and embeddable as objects and links.

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